When it comes to weddings, men get to say ‘Why should girls have all the fun?’ In today’s world where men and women are walking at par with each other, fashion is something that was once upon a time a genre of women’s interest only. However, now men too have stepped into it with style and oomph that is not only breath-taking but fashionably dynamic.

The drama involved with Indian weddings is not only seen in the ceremonies but also in the attires that each person adorns, be it bride, groom or any one attending the wedding. Indian weddings are most colourful and traditionally the most interesting weddings of all. That said and done, Indian weddings require a more traditional type of attire for brides and grooms. Though women’s attires generally steal all the attention, men’s attires too are looked out for at a wedding.

For a bride and groom, the most important thing that matters while getting married is their compatibility. The compatibility is not only emotional or mental but also their overall outlook which is greatly affected by their wedding ensemble.

For those who wish to have a traditional outlook to their wedding, ethnic sherwani in unconventional cuts would be a perfect choice. The richness of a sherwani lies in its age old aristocracy. Even a simple sherwani made in subtle shades makes the groom look class-apart. For those who would love to get a little experimental, sherwanis in quirky colours like yellow or even turquoise blue would look incredible. Currently, bandhgala sherwanis are totally “in”. They look sober, formal and can give anybody-type a firm and lean look. The intriguing thing about Indian sherwanis is that no two sherwanis will ever look the same. Either the colour or embellishments or cuts, there will be something or the other that will make your sherwani look different from any other. And each sherwani with its distinctive features will wrap around you like it was made just for you.

Something that could quirk up your outfit would be turbans! Turbans are a symbol of complete Indian-ness and look traditionally trendy both at the same time.

Those who do not like the formal garb, for them there are pathanis. They are light and comfortable as well as stylish and ethnic. Pathanis are for the people who like to keep it minimalistic and wish to avoid grandeur in their outlook. Especially for functions related to the wedding where the ceremonies are more informal, pathanis would be a perfect choice. Teamed up with waist coats or Nehru jackets, these Indian suits are sure to look stunning.

indian boys group in ethnic attire

And then there are those who would love to stand out and dress to kill. For them there is our very classical yet rarely touched dhoti. Dhotis combined with contrast coloured kurtas look so dapper, even men would undergo that alien feeling of envy looking at the groom. A white kurta combined with a swanky coloured dhoti or a colourful kurta with a red colour dhoti would look really modish and unconventional.

Indian men have quite a few options to choose from in order to look voguish on their D-day. They just need to visit the right place where they can try on all these styles and check what suits them the best and pick up the one they love the most. For this, Samyakk will definitely be the most advisable destination as it is a house of fashion with varieties of clothing to match with the versatility of their customers.

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